Dear Neighbors & Bloomingdale Taxpayers:

As part of our ongoing effort to get the Village of Bloomingdale to schedule public hearings on the future of Indian Lakes, we filed a lawsuit in DuPage County that asks a judge to enforce the Village’s codes and rules about reasonable and fair hearing processes. (Download court filing here.)

The Daily Herald just wrote an article about the case. We are not asking the court to rule on the merits of our plan. We are seeking a timely, transparent and fair public process that allows the community to participate in conversations about the future of Indian Lakes.

Since September of last year, we have asked the Village to review concept plan and schedule hearings that would provide preliminary review of the proposed Four Seasons at Indian Lakes. This would allow everyone to participate in hearings and ultimately help us improve the site plan.

After preliminary review and initial community feedback, we would make revisions, prepare another volume of technical documentation and return to the Village for a final review and decision. This is a best-practice across the region and allowed for under the Village’s code and the law – and frankly it’s just plain commonsense.

While we did not want to have to go to court, it is clear the Village of Bloomingdale is not interested in leading discussions about the future of Indian Lakes.

Despite years of advanced knowledge about the financial challenges that forced Indian Lakes to close the golf course and conference center, the Village has not engaged the community in any meaningful dialogue about the future of Indian Lakes.

In June 2015, the Village had the opportunity to acquire 60 additional acres of Indian Lakes under an existing agreement. The Village declined this opportunity and never provided direction to us about what they desired in the future. (Read the Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes)

In July 2016, we announced the golf course and conference center would have to close. In coming up with our plan for a renewed and refocused Indian Lakes, we attempted to meet with elected officials to solicit their input. These overtures were ignored, and the Village has continued to refuse to schedule any public meeting about the future of Indian Lakes.

There is a proposal on the table that will raise community property values and inject millions in new tax revenue – enough to cover the past several years of the Village’s property tax increases. Our plan provides millions in new annual revenue to area schools, with no new student costs, further reducing existing taxpayers’ property tax burdens.

The Four Seasons at Indian Lakes would deliver substantial economic benefit, a new public walking path trail and preserve nearly a third of the property as open space.

Village officials do not need to use your tax dollars to fight in court, all we are asking for is a fair and reasonable public hearing process on the proposal to invest, renew and transform Indian Lakes.

The community deserves to have the cloud of uncertainty about the future of Indian Lakes lifted. The Village can do that by following their code and the law, and facilitating public hearings on the plan we’ve proposed.

We welcome the input, ideas and suggestions of the community, staff and elected officials.


Stephen L. Schwartz
Manager, First ILR – Owners of Indian Lakes Since 2000