Photos and Renderings Courtesy DoubleTree by Hilton Global Media Center.

January 2018 Update: Hotel Transformation Delayed Due to Village Inaction

Due to the uncertainty and lack of direction by the Village of Bloomingdale on the direction for the New Indian Lakes, the hotel transformation project has been indefinitely delayed. The hotel is operating as an independent hotel once again.

Read the January 2018 letter to Mayor Coladipietro, Village Trustees and Village Manager Scalera explaining why this decision was necessary. The Indian Lakes team is prepared to make this multimillion dollar investment investment in Bloomingdale and deliver a refocused hotel that meets the needs and expectations of area travelers. However, before that investment can occur, the Village must initiate public discussions about the future of the overall Indian Lakes property.

The golf course, meeting center and spa are permanently closed. Parts of the property are ready for demolition.

Read the January 15, 2018 letter to the Village here.

A repurposed hotel with a smaller footprint will provide jobs, tax revenue and other benefits to Bloomingdale. Before we can move forward with a reinvestment, the Village must have a plan for the entire 223-acre property. We are ready to reinvest and reinvigorate the hotel in Bloomingdale – and generate substantial tax revenue for the Village once again.