The Daily Herald wrote an article about the recently filed lawsuit filed in DuPage County that seeks to get public hearings scheduled on the future of Indian Lakes.  The article quotes from the lawsuit, project spokesman Patrick Skarr and Village Administrator Peter Scalera.

The article notes:

Last week, they filed a lawsuit against Bloomingdale asking a judge to “order the village to review, hear and determine plaintiffs’ request for preliminary plan approval without submittal of final plans, including final engineering.”

“We didn’t want to go to court,” Indian Lakes spokesman Patrick Skarr said Monday. “But it’s clear to us that village leaders are not interested in holding fair hearings about the future of Indian Lakes. We request a preliminary review by the village that allows us to incorporate the feedback and input of the community.”

In addition, the complaint asks the court to “grant whatever additional and further relief is necessary” to K. Hovnanian and First ILR.

Later in the piece:

But for the project to happen the golf course must be rezoned for residential development. It’s currently zoned for resort and recreational use.

Bloomingdale officials blame the rezoning request for complicating the process. They say final engineering is needed for a rezoning in the village.

“The village stands by its interpretation of the code,” Village Administrator Pietro Scalera said Monday. “We believe that in order for them to follow the process that they have identified, they need to submit the final plans.”

According to the lawsuit, it would cost K. Hovnanian Homes roughly $1 million to draft final plans, including final engineering.

“Final plans aren’t starting plans,” Skarr said. “That’s why the village’s request is kind of outrageous and ridiculous.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.