The Daily Herald recently interviewed Village Administrator Peter Scalera and Village President Franco Coladipietro to find out why public hearings on Indian Lakes had not been scheduled yet. In November, Manager Scalera and Mayor Coladipietro told the Herald, “We’re trying to move as quickly as possible so we can hopefully schedule something in the coming months,” but Village staff have not initiated or begun any technical reviews of the more than 1,500 pages of technical reports, studies and and information submitted in September 2017.

From the Feb. 2, 2018 Daily Herald story, Bloomingdale, resort owner blame each for Indian Lakes stalemate:

More than four months after receiving a proposal to redevelop roughly 190 acres of open space at Indian Lakes Resort, Bloomingdale has yet to begin its formal review of the application.

Now village officials and the owner of Indian Lakes are pointing fingers at each other about why public hearings haven’t been scheduled for the plan to transform the resort’s former golf course into a neighborhood with hundreds of houses for empty-nesters.

“We have a plan on the table,” Indian Lakes spokesman Patrick Skarr said. “We’re asking the village to step up and schedule public meetings.”

The next section of the article describes the disagreement between Indian Lakes and the Village’s demand for final engineering documents, before the plan has received any public review or comment:

The developer, K. Hovnanian Homes, wants Bloomingdale officials to do a preliminary review of the proposal and provide feedback before the company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on final engineering.

“There’s no way our plan as drafted today is the final plan that would be approved,” Skarr said. “We know there’s going to be some changes. So it’s absolutely unnecessary to develop final engineering at this stage.”

But Sean Gascoigne, Bloomingdale’s director of community and economic development, says final engineering is required for rezoning in the village.

“They’re asking to definitively change the zoning on a property with preliminary plans,” Gascoigne said.

Russ Whitaker, an attorney for the Indian Lakes project, disagrees.

“There’s absolutely nothing in their code that says you need final engineering for a rezoning,” said Whitaker, adding the village is “obligated” to act on the application.

Whitaker said “substantial” changes were made to the plan after First ILR hosted four meetings last year that were attended by 500 residents who live near the golf course.

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